10 Things We All Need to Know to Achieve Wisdom, Honor and Aspirations

As a person who recently turned 30, I wish I had this information 10 years ago.

The following 10 things you need to know are from my speech at Long Island University on April 4th 2016. I was asked by the Business School's Dean to speak at the International Honor Society's graduation ceremony. With over 200 people in the audience and addressing the graduating class, I was compelled to leave my mark. You know, something that will go beyond "another speech" and can be internalized as a life-long-lesson.

The speech was very well received, and with such incredible feedback from the administration and students, I felt the need to share it with the world.


Sometimes your talent will take you places your character can't keep you. Act like the person you want to become. Develop character traits and habits that will not only get you to success but will keep you there


Focus on providing value rather than profit. When you provide value, the money will come. Money is nothing more than the value it holds. Begin to see things with a value-mindset.


Don’t focus on making millions of dollars,

focus on improving the lives of millions of people.


View yourself as a brand (be mindful of your attire, your speech, your body language, all your social media posts and remember every comment comes with a consequence.


Dream big, but start small because every

major accomplishment starts with a small goal


Become a thought-leader: start a blog, perfect your craft,

present your vision, write a book.


Take an interest in self-improvement:

strive for personal and professional growth


Continued education is critical. Be a student of your discipline. Read trade publications, attend industry conferences and take a real interest in what you do. Follow before you lead but be a leader in the way you follow. if you want to change a system, the best way is from within.


Build your credibility by doing something press-worthy: A third-party perspective is more persuasive than a personal declaration.


Be a giver, make it a better ride for everyone

and build more bridges than you burn.

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