New Subsidized Program a Godsend for Early-Stage NYC Startups

Did you know that not all entrepreneurs go High-Tech? However, it seems anywhere you look these days there’s another tech accelerator popping up.

Today Startup accelerators primarily cater to tech-driven Startups with dreams of unicorn success but, what about the low-tech entrepreneur? What about entrepreneurs like musicians, bakers, emerging real estate investors, and fashion designers who rarely have the opportunities of financial incentives, subsidized workspace, marketing assistance, mentors and a supportive ecosystem? How are these entrepreneurs supposed to thrive within a system that simply requires them to do the one thing they cannot – attain sustainability with resources they can't afford?

With city prices soaring at the same rate as individual creativity, entrepreneurs are finding out, unless their dreams are High-Tech, their dreams are not welcomed. For example, the average cost for an entrepreneur to effectively run a Startup in NYC is approximately $6,291 a month. That’s almost $19,000 per quarter, and that’s not including lunch. While High-Tech Startups within accelerators receive free workspace, free marketing assistance, investor introductions, business development coaching and free services known as “perks” from companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon; the rest are left to fend for themselves.

That’s where 2020 Startups steps in.

2020 Startups is a new visionary city-subsidized program in NYC providing top-tier workspace, on-site marketing assistance, executive workshops, investor introductions and established mentors for 90% free of charge.

In short, 2020 Startups provides the environment, education and expertise traditionally given within tech accelerators but for all early-stage Startups. So now, more entrepreneurs can learn how to sell products, pitch themselves, think like visionaries and scale their business.

Thanks to 2020 Startups and partners like LMHQ, Microsoft, and Venture 1st, the 90-day accelerator program is highly subsidized making it affordable for all entrepreneurs to apply. 2020 Startups has a designated track for High-Tech Startups as well, including IoT and mHealth industries with the leadership of Venture 1st CEO Josh Cline, but promises to be more inclusive to low-tech Startups than traditional accelerators.

Here’s a look at why. Low-tech entrepreneurs have the power to employee 3 people within the first year, contribute innovative solutions for various niche industries and given the same nurturing support system can create growth for both the employment and Small Business sector in NYC.

2020's environment offers a collaborate workspace in partnership with LMHQ, a city-subsidized program by Downtown Alliance. The State-of-the-art facility constructed with a $2.5m city grant includes 5 meeting rooms with top-tier A/V set up, 2 living rooms, 2 workspaces, a coffee shop, and an event space all overlooking the Manhattan skyline and waterfront from the 20th floor on Broadway.

2020's education offers members a deeper perspective on entrepreneurism by personally exploring the habits and practices of today’s successful Startups, entrepreneurs and business leaders. The educational component features a series of advanced weekly workshops where participants will learn how to implement innovative strategies, and eliminate obstacles from experts who have been featured on Shark Tank, CNBC, New York Times, and even Government consultants and Marketing Heads from prestigious Universities.

The program provides tons of services for the cost of $2,500 for 90-Days. Yes you read that correctly; $2,500 for 3 months!

At 2020 Startups participants are incentivized by shared interests, subsidized costs, goals and values nurturing their ability to learn, adapt, and innovate together to achieve long-term success.

The bottom line is, New York City has become a growth-hub for innovators and visionaries and New York City wants to support and empower their success. The hard part is getting these programs into the community where entrepreneurs can find and take full advantage of them. That's where you come in! If you know someone who can use this program, kindly send it their way immediately! As a new program 2020 Startups has built a dynamic and co-evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem for communities of diverse visionaries. If it can deliver, this is sure to be a Godsend for all early-stage entrepreneurs in NYC.

To learn more about 2020 Startups click here.

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