Cheers To An Epic Week: Ambassador, Jenna Jameson, Ghana, NY Bar, State Department, Interviews and F

Cheers to an Epic Week!

Special Edition: 2 week wrap-up!

It's not every week I attend private meetings with the Consul General of Ghana, Ambassador of Cambodia, get invited to speak at the New York Bar Association, meet the former Deputy Director from the State Department, attend a Facebook Conference and have Jenna Jameson retweet and follow me. That was just the last 2 weeks.

Monday Oct 26th: Start Your Engines

I started the day by planning out my week. Typical follow-up emails, travel arrangements and schedule confirmations were in order. This week was particularly exciting as Tuesday I had a meeting at the Embassy of Ghana as well as a business trip to Washington D.C, to meet the Ambassador of Cambodia. Both meetings were related to boosting tourism and commercial investments through a robust marketing campaign within the individual countries. Sadly, I missed the meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem scheduled for this Monday, but I'm sure I'll catch up with him soon.

Tuesday Oct 27th: Consul General of Ghana

Arrived at the Embassy of Ghana for a meeting with Mr. Reynolds the Head of Information. To my surprise, Mr. Reynolds had an emergency session that morning and was detained by meetings at the United Nations. So after some careful considerations I kindly requested the security to inform the Consul of the situation, and to see if he can meet on short notice. After 15 minutes of waiting the Consul General Mr. Bernard Quantson accepted and welcomed me up to the 11th floor. Our meeting ran about an hour and it was fascinating to learn about the opportunities in Ghana. The people, the culture, the adventure and all the things most of us have never heard of. Did you know Ghana has a water attraction that allows you to ride crocodiles downstream? After much deliberation the Consul agreed to speak to the Ambassador of Ghana and get back to me shortly.

Wednesday Oct 28th: Washington D.C. Ambassador of Cambodia

On Wednesday morning I was on a bus traveling to D.C, as I was honored to attend a private meeting with the Ambassador of Cambodia. The almost two hour meeting cemented the mutual understanding that the opportunities in Cambodia will soon become apparent worldwide. The Ambassador spoke about commercial opportunities with crops like rice, as well as the increase in foreign travel. For those who don’t know, Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia between Vietnam and Thailand. You’d be surprised to find about the major opportunities within travel and trade that Cambodia has to offer. Just ask Angelina Jolie who already invested over 10 million dollars into Cambodia. She of course adopted a kid, and is one of the latest high-profile filmmakers to join Netflix Inc, where she will be directing a Cambodian author's war memoir into a feature film. I would say the meeting was very informative and productive. I look forward to working with Cambodia and shining the bright marketing lights on what used to be the Ancient Khmer Empire.

Thursday Oct 29th: Speaking Engagement at New York Bar Association

After a few emails back and forth, I received a confirmation regarding my speaking engagement at the New York Bar. No, not that kind of bar. The New York Bar Association! Thanks to Stacey Slone and JICNY (Jewish International Connection of New York) I will be speaking at the NY Bar on Wednesday Nov 11th. The early morning event will be a mixture of speed networking and a keynote presentation, from yours truly. I will be speaking about marketing, high-level networking, and giving concrete advice regarding personal and professional branding.

Friday Oct 30th: Jenna Jameson

You know I'm a tech-nerd when retweets get me excited. Being fairly new to Twitter, this was a sweet welcoming back party. I've always stayed away from the "old" Twitter and just felt more comfortable with other social channels. Recently, after befriending a digital influencer, blogger, world traveler and actress Lizza Morales aka @xoxoLizza, I decided to challenge myself and go back to Twitter. Using an old fashion app account I had built few years back, I rebranded my handle and tweeted away. My first "tweet & mention" was regarding the big news of Jenna Jameson joining Judaism. It was really interesting as she retweeted me, gave me some exposure and proceeded to follow me on Instagram. The Twitterverse is alive and well. I guess it goes to show that sometimes when you challenge yourself, you do come out on top. To see more follow me on Twitter here.

Monday Nov 2nd: Facebook "Boost Your Business" Conference

This was a really exciting event that took place in Queens, New York at the legendary Terrace on The Park. I was looking forward to this for a few weeks because Facebook keeps updating their ad manager and I needed a quick refresher course. The presentation itself was more geared towards "newbies" yet I had some valuable takeaways myself. At the event I ran into Rhonda Binda, who I learned later was the Former Deputy Director for the State Department’s Global Intergovernmental Affairs Division. After we got talking there seemed to be some synergy between her current projects and mine. She's know the Executive Director at Jamaica Center and is spearheading a campaign to revitalize Jamaica Queens into a commercial hub; where she plans on developing exciting projects like an entrepreneurial center. Competing between Brooklyn’s and Manhattan’s start-up movements will prove to be challenging, yet with her experience I wouldn’t doubt if Jamaica Queens became a commercial and entrepreneurial hot spot in the years to come. As far as Facebook’s national road show roll out, time will tell if Small Business Owners will adopt Facebook is their number one advertising platform. In my opinion, Facebook is limited to certain small businesses and certain audiences. I’ll be writing a full report in the coming weeks regarding the best methods to market on Facebook. Stay tuned. To see more regarding Jamaica Queens visit jamaicacenter.org.

Tuesday Nov 3rd: PWC China

TOTO Global Ventures is currently in discussions with PWC China to partner up for a series of world-class educational events for Q1 and Q2 2016. As the Cheif Marketing Officer I am currently in communication with 3 Fortune 500 companies in Germany, Israel and the United States to bridge their new ventures in China, with PWC China. More news to come as next week's conference calls will shed light on the feasibility of the project.

Wednesday Nov 4th: Moldova, Macedonia Guatemala and Costa Rica

On Wednesday I had back to back conference calls from 11am till 4pm with commercial representatives of Moldova, Macedonia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. All part of a global initiative to increase tourism and trade within the individual countries. All 4 countries received the project with great interest and have now gone to their counter-parts back home, to get approval for the anticipated next steps.

Thursday Nov 5th: Wrapping up Interviews with Google Manager & Jack Doueck

My interview with Jack Doueck should be up next week. Jack shares his incredible true story of going from billions to bankrupt to blessed; as he is the much-sought-after authority on overcoming adversity. My interview with Irina Young, Google's special project manager, was finalized on Thursday and will be up shortly next week. Irina shares her knowledge on working for Google, and gives us some much needed insight on branding, tech and event how to get a job at Google.

Friday Nov 6th: Wrapping up an Epic Week!

What can I say? The birds are chirping, people are smiling, and the sun is shining; it's Friday! I usually carry my work home with me during the weekend, as there's never enough done. However, I'm grateful for a truly epic week, I’ve learned a lot, met incredible people and feel next week will be even better. Hope all of you an amazing and epic week ahead. Cheers to your success!

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