Epic Week Wrap-Up: Oct 19th -23rd

It's not every week you attend a private conference at Google, pitch your idea to the board of directors from the Israeli Consulate and get invited to Washington, D.C. to meet the Ambassador of Cambodia.


I started the week by hitting the ground running. Monday's conference at Google featured a data-driven focus where we heard from keynote speaker Rachel Haot, the Chief Digital Officer of New York State. Rachel presented on the effectiveness of using data and the benefits of transforming into a user-centric operation. She also spent time on how the new NY.gov website tripled it's traffic using data-driven design and strategies.

Other panelists included Ben Kessler Director of Marketing at WeWork, Ad Council executive Tony Foleno and Google's Global Industry Relations Manager Jeff Buchan. Participants got a taste on how a data-driven company can increase user engagement, design and stay ahead of the industry.


I got an email from the Commercial Counselor of Cambodia on Tuesday regarding an ongoing special project. After a few emails back and forth I was invited to come down to D.C. and meet with the Ambassador to discuss the potential of my new marketing initiative, targeting tourism boards across the world. The meeting is set for next week.


On Wednesday I was honored to attend a meeting with the Israeli Consulate's Consul of Tourism, Director of Marketing and Director of Public Relations. The hour and a half meeting cemented the mutual understanding that something big is coming to travel-marketing in 2016. Aside from the meeting, on Wednesday I was invited to meet the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem. He will be in New York and will be attending a small gathering at a private home next week.


After a few emails back and forth I've noticed I have a busy week coming up. Next I'm scheduled to meet the Ambassador of Cambodia, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and conference calls with Consuls from Belgian, Cyprus and Mongolia. Stay tuned to next week's Epic Week Wrap Up. Thank you for reading!

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