Opinion​: What Motivates Millennials To Volunteer Around The World?

In a world of misspelled Starbucks coffee cups, and low battery no-wifi anxiety, sometimes we need a reminder that our first world problems aren't the end of the world. Sometimes we need to get up and travel across the world to realize how lucky we really are.

In August of this year, a group of young professionals known as "Chavaya Fellowship" participated in a 2 week volunteering trip to Germany and Israel. The fellows formed a diverse group of professionals from Germany, Israel and the United States. There were professional singers, actors, non-profit directors a tech consultant from IBM, a flight attendant and myself, the marketer. At first you'd think what do all these different people, from different countries have in common? Then it becomes apparent that our desire to give back and toast to a better world, outweighs our differences.

So what motivates millennials to volunteer? Free travel! Take a bunch of young professionals with big hearts and an appetite to change the world, put them on a sponsored volunteering program; then prepare for takeoff.

Here is a creative account of our journey; good times for a good cause.

  • Sponsored travel to two countries

  • 4 star all-inclusive accommodations

  • Art and political initiatives

  • Volunteering at orphanages, summer camps and immigration centers

Image: Our International Group at the Art Plus Hotel in Tel Aviv August 2015

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