Project: Swanky Russian Cultural Events Take New Yorkers By Storm

At the end of the month, when all the swanky and sophisticated gold dust settled, the 13th Annual Russian Heritage Month went into the history books for one of the most entertaining and inspiring cultural events of the year. Crowds flocked to art exhibits, musical performances, poetic readings, and cultural festivals that ignited intrigue and admiration.

This year, I was contracted to spearhead the Social Media Campaign targeting millennials for the 13th Annual Russian Heritage Month in New York.

Do you know how hard it is to get a New Yorker intrigued? I’m sure you know it’s not an easy feat. So, what exactly is Russian Heritage Month?

13th Annual Russian Heritage Month - founded by the Russian American Foundation www.russianamericanfoundation.org.

Russian Heritage Month is a defining time where New Yorkers get to experience and celebrate the rich traditions of Russian-Speaking Culture. The month encompasses many Russian-speaking nationalities including Ukrainian, Bukharin, Jewish, etc. Year after year New Yorker's get a taste of these rich diverse events such as contemporary and folk music, dance performances, art exhibitions, public festivals, health and sports fairs, business expos, and more. The campaign’s goal was to inspire young professionals to be more involved in the upcoming month-long event known as Russian Heritage Month. I was honored for the opportunity to work with such a prestigious organization (Russian American Foundation) that works round-the-clock in preserving Russian culture in New York and inspiring through it. More than just swanky events, Russian Heritage Month is a platform for both established and emerging artists and professionals to showcase their talent. For example, a colleague of mine Ross Den was featured in his own exhibit entitled “Aftermath” – the raw photographic account of the 50 day war in Gaza. Another artist who I met through RAF is Anya Rubin. A delightful woman who’s passion and artistic perseverance landed her the opening exhibit and feature in the New York Post. As a Russian American I can appreciate an organization that preserves timeless culture and stands as a platform to catapult careers.

Photo Credit: Russian American Foundation​

Image: Anya Rubin & Mark Gold at National Arts Club June 2nd

Anya Rubin

Image: Zankel Hall in Carnegie Hall on June 28th, part of Russian Heritage Month Events

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