Project: Marketing Week NYC Major Success

Here’s what I learned from Marketing Week NYC. At the end of every major success, the most important thing is to recognize that you didn't do it alone. Ask yourself, could I have really done this myself? The answer should be, of course not! The press, the applause and the standing ovations, that only lasts for a brief moment. The truth is, it's the people we surround ourselves with that can make or break our success – it's not just you.

So, when it’s all set and done, and you’ve completed your victory lap, you must be thankful for all those who supported and assisted; because without them, long-term success is unachievable.

From early 8am meetings with the Steering Committee to meeting some of New York’s hardest working marketers, the week-long event proved to be a major milestone for everyone involved. Being named the co-organizer alongside Manhattan Chamber of Commerce was quite an honor for me. However, honor goes hand in hand with responsibility. So, what exactly is Marketing Week NYC?

Marketing Week NYC was an educational platform covering PR, Digital Marketing, Branding and High-Level networking through major week-long events in New York City. It took place from June 8th to June 12th of 2015. Meeting regional managers from Uber, AirBnB, Crain’s Business, Oglivy & Mather as well as Forbes and countless other companies - really created a major launching pad for entrepreneurs and professionals.

We got inside the minds of leading executives in disruptive brands, acquired new knowledge, resources, and met similar minded individuals within our industry. The Kick-Off event was titled “How We Broke The Internet” and took place at Microsoft’s Times Square office. At that time, little did I know I would be returning to the same space two weeks later, to give my own keynote address.

As for the work I put into Marketing Week, you could say my biggest contribution was blueprinting and managing the VIP After-Party at the Trump SoHo Hotel. My idea was simple. If Fashion Week has A-list swanky after-parties, shouldn’t Marketing Week?

The idea took off and the next thing I know, friends, colleagues and event partners were lining up to be involved. Through my dear colleagues and friends like Ida Kroell, Elan Kornblum, DJ Chef, Laura Bucko, Rachel Margaritis, Sinclair Jones, Nikki Claudine and countless others – we made Marketing Week a success for New York City.

Attendees included major decision makers from major companies and organizations including an appearance by Jessica Alba and the Honest Company team. For all those people who made Marketing Week NYC a major success, I truly thank you for the opportunity and am grateful to have been able to be part of it with you. Till next year.

Image: Kick Off Event At Microsoft With Senior Staff From Crain's Business, Uber. AirBnB, Shoptiques, etc.

Image: Navigating Today’s Modern Media Relations: A Special Event at Ogilvy during Marketing Week NYC

Image: Taking a photo with Makreting Week Team and VIP Guests including Jessica Alba (FAR LEFT).

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