Speaker: How Wix.com Changed The Game With Smart Marketer​ Summit

Wix.com called the Smart Marketer Summit “a fresh and forwarding thinking event.” Executives from Tech, Crowdfunding, Public Relations and Integrated Marketing gathered at the Smart Marketer Summit on December 15th of 2014. As presenters, coaches and a crowd on entrepreneurs gather at Wix.com’s New York headquarters, you could tell this was no ordinary event.

The Smart Marketer Summit was a game-changing event that aimed to communicate a clear and distinct understanding on how to captivate customers and outsmart the competition. The Summit was geared towards transforming small business owners and entrepreneurs into Smart Marketers by giving them insight and support. The night was broken down into 3 parts; networking, presentations and one on one coaching.

The networking part had vendors lined up like Potatopia, Ziggy’s and Asinu, which provided

dinner as attendees had a chance to network. Local start-ups had booths set up on the side and the first 50 attendees received a free book copy of "For Immediate Release".

As one of the organizers and keynote speakers of the Summit, I presented on Integrated Marketing Communications. Although very technical in nature, the crowd seemed to embrace the IMC concept rather quickly. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), has 9 main components which all function within a systematic framework. Like a supply chain, where one component replies on the other, the IMC components are all interrelated. By decoding all the components, subcomponents and demonstrating how they are interrelated, attendees we’re able to identify and comprehend the intricacies of marketing.

They were left with a concrete understanding of branding, advertising, marketing, events, PR and all of their sub-components.

The presentations, workshops, resources, and coaching was custom tailored to give small business owners a competitive advantage. The Summit’s tagline “captivate consumers and outsmart the competition” says it all.

What made this event unique, is that coaches and presenters gave real insight and support to ensure success. Everyone involved in this event did a phenomenal job. Attendees walked away with not only industry insight but a mindset for marketing success.

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