News: What Do You Get When 9 Marketing Coaches Gather For A Photoshoot?

What do you get when 9 marketing coaches get together for a photo shoot? Sounds like a set up for a joke, but this is no laughing matter. Well, it might be. Let me explain.

In preparation for the Smart Marketer Summit, the coaches and I got together with Photographer Mike Dote. His lavish studio on Rector Street in New York City hosted us one afternoon in December. It was a promotional photo shoot for our Wix.com Summit. The goal from the outset was meant to convey a serious business atmosphere, but behind the lens, you could feel a fun and lighthearted energy.

During the shoot, several coaches kept making us all laugh. Take after take it began being harder not to laugh. So, we decided to change creative direction and just go with it. One coach, who will remain nameless, pulled a prank during the shoot making it increasingly difficult not to laugh uncontrollably on camera. Soon it began to be a competition, who can out stage the other. Next thing I know, we went from a photo shoot to a comedy club, becoming friends in a flash.

I guess, in a world where being serious is part of your daily routine, it's reinvigorating to cut back, let loose, and have a fun day at the office.

Here's the shoot that rocked Rector Street.

Behind The Scenes

Video Interview



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