Mark wears many hats, and it's not because he's bald. 

managing director

Mark Gold is the managing director of 2020 Startups, a city-subsidized accelerator program for early-stage entrepreneurs. Under Mark's leadership the accelerator grew 500% in year 2 and developed a presence on 6 continents. 

personal brand manager 


As a Personal Brand Manager with clients from Bravo, Shark Tank, and Wall St, Mark Gold acquires speaking engagements, connects to publicists, assists with publishing, and manages strategic relationships cross-functionally to at all times represent clients as thought-leaders.

chairman of executive council


New York Venture Council members are leading NYC-area venture capitalists, family offices, angels, entrepreneurs, universities, media and professional advisers, all dedicated to increasing deal flow and ecosystem cooperation in the world's financial capital. Investor members get advantaged access to deal flow, entrepreneur members get VC advisory and introductions, and advisory members provide governance and drive positive outcomes. GoNYVC.com is led by its Executive Council. More at www.GONYVC.com

event producer


 Mark co-organized Marketing Week NYC 2015, World Mobile Congress Shanghai's Digital Health Summit 2015, Wix.com's Smart Marketer Summit 2014, Microsoft’s Entrepreneurship Week 2016, and the NYC Digital Influencer Travel Panel 2016 with leading Government officials from over 8 countries.  Mark recently spearheaded the Microsoft Disruptive Startup Summit in 2017, Merrill Lynch Investor Summit 2017 and the NYC Tech Summit in 2018.

award-winning volunteer


Mark Gold is an avid volunteer who won 2 volunteerism awards from his local community center in 2012 and 2013. He also traveled to Germany and Israel during the summer of 2015 on a 2 week mission where he volunteered with at-risk teens and a refugee camp.

public speaker


Mark Gold had the honor of being a keynote speaker at Microsoft both Corporate and Flagship, Wix.Com, New York Bar Association, Long Island University and Merrill Lynch.